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If you can help provide advice and information to Romani and Traveller families who are experiencing social work involvement then TRAIN needs your support.

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IN 2015 TRAIN supported an Irish Traveller mother to file paperwork appeal an Adoption Order. Whilst solicitors refused to proceed with the appeal on the basis that they believed the appeal ‘lacked means and merit’, TRAIN was able to help the mother raise an Appellants Notice so that she could seek out justice for herself.

TRAIN has also enabled Care Proceedings to implement more balanced perspectives, as one social worker wrote on 8th June 2016:

“I currently complete court expert reports and I found TRAIN very informative. I also shared the research with the presiding Judge and the Irish Traveller community as I felt it was necessary to take hold of this explicit knowledge that can sometimes be hidden from social work practice”.

Our Mission


Changing social work through community involvement


TRAIN supports  all Traveller and Romani families, who are experiencing social work involvement.

We provide free telephone advice and support to parents whose children are in need, at risk or are in the care system, and with members of the wider family or community who are raising children unable to remain at home.

We work on  capacity building to help Romani and Traveller families to help themselves.



Working in partnership with the University of Salford, TRAIN provides Continuing Professional Development to  social workers, residential support workers, foster carers, Independent Reviewing Officers, Guardians, Children’s Rights Officers. 

TRAIN aims to change social work policy and practice through adult, child and community involvement. It aims to help families make sense of social work involvement and enable active and empowered participation for all involved.